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Run `git grep -e TODO: -e XXX: -e FIXME:` to see notes about cleanup in the source.
Items sorted by loose priority under the different sub-projects.
Items ending in ? need more thought / discussion.
== Roadmap ==
=== General ===
* Get people to test stuff as more of it becomes available
* Run contests to get people interested in developing for the platform?
== Web/API ==
* Review post/get APIs
* PayPal plumbing
== Client ==
* Lock the UI a little more when doing Install and/or Remove.
* Ratings
** HTTP access for posting and fetching user ratings
* Reviews
** UI for displaying and adding reviews
** HTTP access for posting and fetching reviews
* Feedback
** HTTP access for posting feedback
* Updates
** UI for showing packages with available updates
** Backend functionality to do the Updates
* Images / Icons
== For editor ==
NOTE: The editor has been punted for now
* Prototype editor
** User can add sprites
** User can move sprites around
** User can assign mass, and bind basic controls right from GUI
** User can set backgrounds, air resistance, and gravity
** Provide basic default behaviours (moving platforms)
** Allow binding and storage of arbitrary code in the target language
* Decide on output/storage format (may not want to store as code, parsing is hard)
* Get nice installer and GUI in C and Tk