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common Made GUI Check If Update Is Possible.
debian Create tve.list on postinst
depends Changed All install To cp.
get Changed All install To cp.
md5 Changed All install To cp.
nsis Added icon for windows
search Changed All install To cp.
status Changed All install To cp.
test Added More Tests.
tveTclIncludes Forgot to Add pkgIndex.tcl
update Oops, strncat uses sizeof-1
.gitignore Allow external stuff to get shoved into packages
COPYING Switched to ISC license
Makefile Revert "Put tve-setup in $prefix/usr/lib Instead of $prefix/lib."
README New depedencies Check shell script syntax
TODO Done the feeds STRIP Made GUI Check If Update Is Possible. Made GUI Check If Update Is Possible. Made GUI Check If Update Is Possible. Make calculateTotal portable Fix tests Better GNUPGHOME detection
gui.tcl Windows Doesn't Like It When We Execute Shell Scripts With Sh. Send vars to subshell for undeb Abstracted Out Oauth Stuff. Changed Some URLs Using eval fixes things on Windows Need tve-setup to fix Cygwin Remember those quotes!
parse.rb Initial script for parsing gem files
purchase.png Better Representation of Status. -ne is better than != for numbers
purchase.svg Better Representation of Status. Have the cURL in Rate Use -s. Check if this package has things depending on it. Cygwin shell sucks
testrepo.txt Wrong Category in testrepo.txt Windows is whitespace picky Windows needs us to check in this way
update.png Better Representation of Status.
update.svg Better Representation of Status.
updating.png Upgrading.
updating.svg Upgrading. Rename for more consistency Fixed a bunch of compatibility problems.


The Veeb Ecosystem will be an application distribution network that allows 
independent developers to sell their software easily over the Internet, 
while simultaneously providing users with a great distribution and update 

== Depends (Debian pacage name in parens)==

* POSIX script interpreter and utilities (coreutils)
* GNUMake (make)
* ANSI C compiler (gcc)
* SQLite3 (libsqlite3-dev)
* Tcl and Tk 8.5, or 8.4 with TTK (tk8.5)
* tkImg (libtk-img)
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