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#include "tr.h"
#include "internal.h"
OBJ TrObject_new(VM) {
return (OBJ) TR_INIT_CORE_OBJECT(Object);
int TrObject_type(VM, OBJ obj) {
switch (obj) {
case TR_NIL: return TR_T_NilClass;
case TR_TRUE: return TR_T_TrueClass;
case TR_FALSE: return TR_T_FalseClass;
if (TR_IS_FIX(obj)) return TR_T_Fixnum;
return TR_COBJECT(obj)->type;
OBJ TrObject_method(VM, OBJ self, OBJ name) {
return TrModule_instance_method(vm, TR_CLASS(self), name);
/* TODO respect namespace */
OBJ TrObject_const_get(VM, OBJ self, OBJ name) {
khiter_t k = kh_get(OBJ, vm->consts, name);
if (k != kh_end(vm->consts)) return kh_value(vm->consts, k);
return TR_NIL;
OBJ TrObject_const_set(VM, OBJ self, OBJ name, OBJ value) {
int ret;
khiter_t k = kh_put(OBJ, vm->consts, name, &ret);
if (!ret) kh_del(OBJ, vm->consts, k);
kh_value(vm->consts, k) = value;
return value;
OBJ TrObject_add_singleton_method(VM, OBJ self, OBJ name, OBJ method) {
TrObject *o = TR_COBJECT(self);
if (!TR_CCLASS(o->class)->meta)
o->class = TrMetaClass_new(vm, o->class);
assert(TR_CCLASS(o->class)->meta && "first class must be the metaclass");
TrModule_add_method(vm, o->class, name, method);
return method;
static OBJ TrObject_class(VM, OBJ self) {
OBJ class = TR_CLASS(self);
/* find the first non-metaclass */
while (class && (!TR_IS_A(class, Class) || TR_CCLASS(class)->meta))
class = TR_CCLASS(class)->super;
assert(class && "classless object");
return class;
static OBJ TrObject_object_id(VM, OBJ self) {
return TR_INT2FIX((int)&self);
static OBJ TrObject_instance_eval(VM, OBJ self, OBJ code) {
TrBlock *b = TrBlock_compile(vm, TR_STR_PTR(code), "<eval>", 0);
return TrVM_run(vm, b, self, TR_COBJECT(self)->class, 0, 0);
static OBJ TrObject_inspect(VM, OBJ self) {
const char *name;
name = TR_STR_PTR(tr_send2(tr_send2(self, "class"), "name"));
return tr_sprintf(vm, "#<%s:%p>", name, (void*)self);
void TrObject_preinit(VM) {
TR_INIT_CORE_CLASS(Object, /* ignored */ Object);
void TrObject_init(VM) {
OBJ c = TR_CORE_CLASS(Object);
tr_def(c, "class", TrObject_class, 0);
tr_def(c, "method", TrObject_method, 1);
tr_def(c, "object_id", TrObject_object_id, 0);
tr_def(c, "instance_eval", TrObject_instance_eval, 1);
tr_def(c, "to_s", TrObject_inspect, 0);
tr_def(c, "inspect", TrObject_inspect, 0);
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