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#include "tr.h"
#include "internal.h"
OBJ TrNil_to_s(VM, OBJ self) {
return TrString_new2(vm, "");
OBJ TrTrue_to_s(VM, OBJ self) {
return TrString_new2(vm, "true");
OBJ TrFalse_to_s(VM, OBJ self) {
return TrString_new2(vm, "false");
void TrPrimitive_init(VM) {
OBJ nilc = TR_INIT_CORE_CLASS(NilClass, Object);
OBJ truec = TR_INIT_CORE_CLASS(TrueClass, Object);
OBJ falsec = TR_INIT_CORE_CLASS(FalseClass, Object);
tr_def(nilc, "to_s", TrNil_to_s, 0);
tr_def(truec, "to_s", TrTrue_to_s, 0);
tr_def(falsec, "to_s", TrFalse_to_s, 0);
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