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# Example file spider index searcher using XapianFu. Conducts a search
# on ./spider.db created with spider.rb.
# --order-by-filesize sorts the results by the file size, largest
# first. Default is to sort by relevance.
# All other command line arguments are used as the search query:
# query.rb --order-by-filesize mammoth -woolley
# You can limit queries to particular fields:
# query.rb filename:LICENSE text:BSD
require 'rubygems'
require 'benchmark'
require 'lib/xapian_fu'
order = nil
reverse = false
if ARGV.delete('--order-by-filesize')
order = :filesize
reverse = true
query = ARGV.join(" ")
db = => 'spider.db', :fields => [:text, :filesize, :filename])
puts "Xapian Database has #{db.size} docs in total"
puts "Largest filesize recorded is #{db.documents.max(:filesize).values[:filesize].to_i / 1024}k"
puts "Searching for '#{query}'"
results = nil
bm = Benchmark.measure do
results =, :order => order, :reverse => reverse)
puts "Returned #{results.size} of #{results.total_entries} total hits"
puts "Weight\tFilename\tFilesize"
results.each do |result|
filename = result.values[:filename]
filesize = result.values[:filesize].to_i / 1024
puts "%.2f\t%s\t%ik" % [result.weight, filename, filesize]
puts "Search took %.5f seconds" % bm.real
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