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Overlay is a set of tools for developers and designers to measure, align and overlay on-screen graphics and layouts. Similar to xScope but with a simple interface, limited functionality and open source.

Download (Mac only)


  • Minimal interface
  • Simple to use
  • Free - always


From the toolbox you can manage, add tools, display the help page, and show or hide all the items in the screen.



Horizontal and vertical guides are useful when you need to align several items in the same axis.


Rulers are great to measure objects, they are semi-transparent, in different colors, and can be cloned.

Onion images

The onion image serve as a visual guide to match a layout. Opacity and inverted colors can be applied.

The Grid

The grid is similar to the ruler but covers the whole screen and has no background color. It is a 10x10 pixels fixed grid but that value can be defined in the settings.


In progress. Not ready yet.