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example builders for Singularity images using continuous integration
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Singularity-CI Builders

This is an entrypoint to show you how you can build Singularity containers on different Continuous Integration Services. The templates provided are served by Gitlab or Github, depending on where the CI services are commonly used.

General Templates

The following are general builders that you can customize to build on Travis, CircleCI, GitHub, or GitLab.

Service Status Template
GitLab singularityhub/gitlab-ci img/sregistry-gitlab-small.png
TravisCI Build Status singularityhub/travis-ci img/sregistry-travis-small.png
CircleCI CircleCI singularityhub/circle-ci img/sregistry-circle-small.png
GitHub singularityhub/github-ci img/sregistry-github-small.png

Specific Templates

The following templates are more catered to specific deployments, and provided as requested from users like you! If you would like a custom template example, please open an issue.

Service Storage Template
CircleCI Singularity Registry Server singularityhub/circle-ci-sregistry

Static Registry Examples

For examples that deploy to Singularity Static Registry types, see the documentation here. These examples include building with CircleCI and Google Build, and deploying to various cloud storages. Again, it's very "choose your own adventure" like, so if you have a custom set of needs, please reach out and @vsoch will help you!

For the above, you should find complete instructions in the corresponding provided in the GitLab/Github repositories. Build away, friends!


If you would like to contribute another CI service, or generally have questions, please don't hesitate to open an issue.

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