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The example bootstrap definition files, each called Singularity, are located in their respectively named folders in this directory. These files can be used to create new container images on a variety of Linux distributions or become the basis for customization to build reproducible containers for a specific purpose. While many of these examples use core mirrors and OS distributions, keep in mind that you can use a Docker bootstrap to create almost any of them.


If you have a specific scientific (or other) container, we suggest that you consider singularity hub to serve it. If you do not intend to build or use the container, or want to provide a base template, then you might also want to send a pull request to add it here.


If you wish to contribute a definition file that does not fall within one of the folders here, it should go into contrib. In this case, please send a pull request and contribute it to the examples/contribs directory with the format being hyphen ('-') delimited of the following format:

1. Base distribution name and version if applicable (e.g. centos7 or
2. Target nomenclature that describes the container (e.g. tensorflow)
3. Any relevant version strings to the application or work-flow
4. Always end in .def

An example of this:



If your contribution is more appropriate for one of the base or template distributions, then please make a respective folder in the examples directory, and name the definition file Singularity.