The Robson tree traversal algorithm!
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The Robson Traversal

Hey y'all, this is a pretty cool tree traversal algorithm I've got here. I wrote this for my data-structures class mostly late at night, so please feel free to hate my ugly, poorly commented/written code, but feel even freer to contribute!


The Robson traversal supports pre-, in-, and pos- order traversals.

The link inversion traversal supports pre-, in-, and post-order.

Threaded traversals only support in-order processing.

$ make all # instead of using all the other make commands
$ make robson
$ ./robson.x -rno 1 2 5 4 7 3 8 10 0 11
$ make threaded
$ ./threaded.x -rno 1 2 5 4 7 3 8 10 0 11
$ make inversion
$ ./link_inversion.x -rno 1 2 5 4 7 3 8 10 0 11
$ make clean # when you are done.


  • Blog post on Traversals. Then replace the next section with a link to that.
  • Testing!
    • Need tests using specific trees, not just random, to make sure certain cases are checked.
  • Warning when no options are given for runner-programs

Why do I need the Robson traversal?

A Robson traversal is a binary tree traversal in O(n) time, and O(1) (!!!) space.

The basic depth-first search traversal algorithm is O(n) space, and the threaded and link-inversion methods both are also O(n) space complexity.

The Robson traversal takes the best of the link-inversion and threaded methods to create an O(1) space algorithm.

Helpful links

There is very little information on the internet for this algorithm, so I hope that the core algorithm in robson.c is annotated enough to give an idea of its core process.

I am currently writing a blog post about Robson and the other traversals in this repository, so please stay tuned on for that!

I have the original paper by JM Robson (algorithm written in ALGOL 68-R!!), but I probably cant share it publicly. Ask me if you want a copy!

Here are some of the resources I found helpful when studying the Robson Traversal:

This was a really important link for me, after lots of studying their C++ algorithm and their example images, I figured out how to do it with much less dumb OOP stuff.

  • Data Structures, Algorithms and Program Style Using C by James F. Korsh and Leonard J. Garrett, Chapter 13.6.3 Robson Traversal

This was also extremely helpful, but again did not give the whole picture. The example starts in the middle of a traversal, and the text is unhelpful without extremely careful scrutiny.

Both of these resources were helpful in the end, and I'm glad I was able to divine a somewhat understandable solution thanks to these.


This code is licensed with the MIT License! Please check for more info!

Special Thanks

Thank you Jason Filippou for telling me about this cool algorithm. UMCP students take his classes!