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Sin's Scheme Compiler

Hi! This is a scheme compiler that I wrote for my Compilers Class: CMSC 430

This is a mostly working compiler from some non-standards compliant Scheme to LLVM IR. For a comprehensive idea on how this works (from scheme to llvm ir), I would recommend you check the class webpage, or ask me to write a blog-post, becuase that sounds like a fun post idea!

Installing Dependencies

Boehm-GC is a required dependency. I am pretty sure it can be downloaded on homebrew:

$ brew install libgc

Note: you may need to edit compiler.rkt to have the correct libgc path. You will see the comment.

If you have easy instructions on how to do it for your platform, please send a PR!!!

Running The Compiler

(right now, we dont clear the build/ folder, so make sure to clear it out once in a while...)

To compile a file hello.sinscm to some file output.ll:

$ racket sinscm.rkt -i hello.sinscm -o output.ll -j scm -t llvm

This .ll file will be the combination of the header and the scheme code. So if you want to store the combined LLVM file, and compile it later, use this option.

To compile that output file to an executable:

$ racket sinscm.rkt -i output.ll -o hello.x -j llvm -t exe

Or you can combine the two steps:

$ racket sinscm.rkt -i hello.sinscm -o hello.x -j scm -t exe

(the CLI args are a bit wonky-named, sorry...)

Anyways, you can run the executable as with any:

$ ./hello.x



We also have a tests.rkt file, you can interact with as so:

$ racket tests.rkt will tell you the tests that you can run.

$ racket tests.rkt TESTNAME will run the test TESTNAME

$ racket tests.rkt all will run all tests.

There is currently something going on with the order tests, making it consume about a Gig of memory for some reason, it also takes forever to run. Good luck with that.

To add a passing test, add it to tests/passing. This test must have the same output value when compiled vs interpreted.

To add a failing test, add it to tests/failing. This test must raise in both compile and interpret mode.

Make sure that the test file-name ends in either .scm or .sinscm!


There is docs in the docs/ folder, currently there is a,, and a, documents a subset of the runtime errors that this language will give you. documents each primitive that this language supports. It also provides documentation for the Hash object implemented in docs/cpp/hash.h (Part 3 Professor...) provides a general guide of the language.

The documentation is hopefully good, and will provide examples of use and some edge cases.

If you would like to contribute documentation feel free :)

I am pretty sure this only works on 64bit machines, so dont try on 32bit.

This project doubles as a final project for the class, but it has since been open sourced with permission from my professor (see Extra Credit section here). Becuase this doubles as a project I must add this line:

I, Davis Silverman, pledge on my honor that I have not given or received any unauthorized assistance on this assignment.


This Compiler is licensed with the MIT license, so please feel free to use this, and modify the code. If you do use this, please say hi :)

We currently use the Boehm-GC, and code by Thomas Gilray, (particularly utils.rkt and desugar.rkt). I have provided license information in