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Get Involved with OpenNews

OpenNews is about growing the community around open development in journalism. As a result, it's only as successful as you make it. That's why we need you involved at every step of the way. So please, join in.

Become a Knight-Mozilla Fellow

The core of our program is the Knight-Mozilla Fellowships. Spend 10 months embedded in one of the best newsrooms in the world helping to build the next generation of journalism. If you think you have the chops, we'd love to hear from you--the application to become a 2012/13 Knight-Mozilla Fellow is now open.

Build With Us

We're helping to sponsor journalism-themed hack days around the world this year, and would love for you to take part.

Join our Community

We run OpenNews in the open, and would love for you to join in our weekly calls, our mailing list, or interact with us on Twitter.

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