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title: Knight-Mozilla OpenNews -- Building an ecosystem for open web development in journalism
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<p>We're proud to announce that the 2012/13 Knight-Mozilla Fellowships are now accepting applications. If you're a developer or technologist interested in spending 10 months in some of the best newsrooms in the world creating innovative new approaches to the news, now is the time to apply!</p>
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<h2>What is OpenNews?</h2>
<p>Knight-Mozilla OpenNews is about building an ecosystem to help journalism thrive on the open web. It's about producing next-generation web solutions that solve real problems in news. It's about supporting communities of developers and journalists as they make, learn and invent together. And it's about deploying fellows&mdash;and code&mdash;into news organizations to collaborate and innovate in new ways. Join us!
<p>Our 2012/13 Knight-Mozilla Fellows will be embedded in partner newsrooms around the world to spend the year writing innovative code to transform journalism on the web. <a href="/fellowships">Learn more.</a></p>
<h3>Hack days</h3>
<p>We are sponsoring hack days across the globe to write code and build community and momentum around solving real-world journalistic problemsets. <a href="/hackdays.html">Get involved.</a></p>
<p>The hacker-journalist community is a vibrant one, and all our initiatives are designed to help it grow in size as well as strength. We want to engage the community at every step, that means we need your help. <a href="/getinvolved.html">Here's how.</a></p>