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<title>Source | This is the Tagline - A project by Knight-Mozilla OpenNews</title>
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<h1 class="maintopic"><a href="generic_list_view.html">Projects</a> / <span class="category">How-To</span></h1>
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<h2><span class="category">How-To</span> <a href="article_view.html">This article has some article blocks</a></h2>
<ul class="link-list link-list-inline">
<li>By <a href="">Erin Kissane</a></li>
<li><i class="icon-user"></i><a href="people_detail_view.html">Jeff Larson</a></li>
<li><i class="icon-cogs"></i><a href="">ProPublica</a></li>
<p>If you have previously worked with Django templates, you
should find Jinja2 very familiar. In fact, most of the syntax elements
look and work the same.</p>
<div class="page-block">
<h2><span class="category">How-To</span> <a href="article_nocode.html">An introduction to Simple Tiles Streets</a></h2>
<ul class="link-list link-list-inline">
<li>By <a href="">Erin Kissane</a></li>
<p>Phasellus augue sapien, mattis ac egestas sed, pharetra at
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suscipit quam, facilisis pretium mi scelerisque in. Proin ac lectus
vitae dolor scelerisque bibendum nec sit amet justo. Cras nec tortor
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Praesent feugiat porttitor magna, in fermentum risus gravida ac. Nullam a
massa orci, at rutrum est. </p>
<footer class="container"> <a rel="license" href=""><img alt="Creative Commons License" style="border-width:0" src="media/88x31.png"></a><br>
<p>Source is a project of Knight-Mozilla OpenNews.
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