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My Panorama Workflow with Powershell
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Not all browsers/devices can handle one large (20480px or wider) equirectangular panorama file. So i'm converting the (partial) equirectangular panorama to a cube face panorama. In addition, a lower resolution (4096px wide) equirectangular mobile fallback version is created.

This is tested on windows but the most parts should also apply to other OS's.

The script assumes a full (360° by 180°) panorama with an aspect ratio of 2:1. If it isn't, the top is filled with black to accomplish the 2:1 ratio.



  • First stitch photos, for example with Microsoft "Image Composite Editor" (ICE), as equirectangular (sphere) projection
  • Export the partial panorama or if your panoram is missing the sky, try the following steps in ICE to autocomplete the sky:
    • In step 2 (STITCH), change "Pitch" under "Orientation" section to 90 degrees.
    • In step 3 "CROP", click "Auto complete".
  • Open Powershell an change to a workdir.
  • run panorama.ps1 -panoOriginal <path_to_exported_panorama>
    • if you previously changed the pitch append the -fixPitch parameter

What does Panorama.ps1 do?

  • copys the panorama in to the workdir
  • if specified, fixes the pitch of equirectangular pano using nona
  • generates 1000px wide preview
  • if needed, expands panorama to 2:1 aspect ratio with black
  • creates mobile browser fallback version
  • creates cube faces from equirectangular pano using nona


Now we are ready to use the genereated files with eg. pannellum

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