Test-framework agnostic assertion and expectation library
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mroderick Use samsam.match directly
And don't handle errors in any special way, as it is near impossible to get samsam.match to throw
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referee is in your unit tests, deciding who passes and who fails.

It is a test-framework agnostic assertion and expectation library. Some highlights:

  • Rich library of assertions
  • Symmetric assert/refute (refute is referee's "assert.not*")
  • Evented: Emits success and failure events
  • Failing assertions throw exceptions by default, but can be configured to not
  • API to add custom assertions that provides quite a bit of plumbing for free

referee works in browsers (including old and rowdy ones, like IE6) and Node. It will define itself as an AMD module if you want it to (i.e. if there's a define function available).




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referee was released under BSD-3