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Based on issue 196 (#196) which I raised I have create a minimal implementation that worked for my needs.

Implementation is very rudimentary and done in isolation which means no tests, no filtering, no integration into createServer, not added to any of your build scripts, very much a stripped down version of the FakeXMLHttpRequest but I thought I might as well share what got it working for me.


Thanks! I'm not pulling it as is, but I really want this feature for 1.6. So I'll leave it open here until, I, you, or someone else has contributed in some tests and the works :)


Yeah, I was a pretty quick-n-dirty commit :)

I'll see if I can make the time to push it a bit further and get back in touch.

@cjohansen cjohansen closed this Jan 3, 2014

Feel free to reopen if you want to keep working on this.


I've started writing the tests for this pull request. Finished the unit tests and will look at the FakeServer integration next.


Glad to hear @jsok!


Hi, is this integrated in latest version?


Hi @nikhilmotiani, my initial PR #478 was merged, but a few tweaks to the XDR code have gone in since I believe.

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