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from sinric import SinricPro
from credentials import appKey, lightId, secretKey, deviceIdArr
from sinric import SinricProUdp
def Events():
while True:
# client.event_handler.raiseEvent(lightId, 'setPowerState',data={'state': 'On'})
# client.event_handler.raiseEvent(deviceId1, 'setColor',data={'r': 0,'g': 0,'b': 0})
# client.event_handler.raiseEvent(deviceId1, 'setColorTemperature',data={'colorTemperature': 2400})
eventCallbacks = {
'Events': Events
def onPowerState(did, state):
# Alexa, turn ON/OFF Device
print(did, state)
return True, state
def onSetBrightness(did, state):
# Alexa set device brightness to 40%
print(did, 'BrightnessLevel : ', state)
return True, state
def onAdjustBrightness(did, state):
# Alexa increase/decrease device brightness by 44
print(did, 'AdjustBrightnessLevel : ', state)
return True, state
def onSetColor(did, r, g, b):
# Alexa set device color to Red/Green
print(did, 'Red: ', r, 'Green: ', g, 'Blue : ', b)
return True
def onSetColorTemperature(did, value):
print(did, value)
return True
def onIncreaseColorTemperature(deviceId, value):
return True, value
def onDecreaseColorTemperature(deviceId, value):
return True, value
callbacks = {
'powerState': onPowerState,
'setBrightness': onSetBrightness,
'adjustBrightness': onAdjustBrightness,
'setColor': onSetColor,
'setColorTemperature': onSetColorTemperature,
'increaseColorTemperature': onIncreaseColorTemperature,
'decreaseColorTemperature': onDecreaseColorTemperature
if __name__ == '__main__':
client = SinricPro(appKey, deviceIdArr, callbacks,event_callbacks=eventCallbacks,
udp_client = SinricProUdp(callbacks,deviceIdArr,enable_trace=False) # Set it to True to start logging request Offline Request/Response
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