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Proposed API method for recursive directory loading #28

Marak opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Hail -

I've been experimenting with your node-dbox library and have been enjoying using it so far.

In my application I've created a recursive readdir method that can crawl all files and directories in a dropbox folder path using node-dbox. It has a some-what configurable concurrency delay ( as to not spam dropbox api ). It also can create an object hash of file paths with getter methods for file reading, so that you may crawl first, and load files lazily later.

Would you be willing to accept such a feature to node-dbox? If so, I can try to do a pull request.

First day using dropbox API, so I'm hoping I didn't miss something obvious...


Definitely open to that. I think something like that would be very useful.

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@Marak Marak [api] Added recursive `readdir` method. #28 a493b54
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