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request module in nodeJS #51

fastian451 opened this Issue Oct 10, 2012 · 1 comment

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I am not able to include request module in my dbox.js.
I have successfully run the command "npm install request" and downloaded the the request module folder. but it doesn't contain the request.js file.
how to include this request module in my titanium android project.

waiting for reply..!

jstroem commented Oct 10, 2012

you should not do npm install request. Following the readme instructions instead.
Here you will see that if you just wanna git clone once you have done it go into the new dbox folder (cd dbox) and type npm install.
Otherwise just type npm install dbox it should install both dbox and request.

But i don¨t think this would work because i assume that request (the package) does require node.js.

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