200.xxx, _data, _contents, css error messages

@sintaxi sintaxi released this Nov 11, 2013 · 218 commits to master since this release


  • adds 200.xxx fallback feature that behaves the same as custom 404 pages except returns status code 200 instead.
  • changes data to _data in public object.
  • changes contents to _contents in public object.


  • css error messages now returns 200 status code so the error will show up in main html file.

Preprocessor updates

  • LESS updated to v1.5.0
  • Stylus updated to v0.40.0

API Breakage

A very common API has change. The change is low risk but will break a lot of apps. All instances of data in the public object now begins with underscore. Its now _data. The same change is made for the less commonly used contents arrays. Now _contents.