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PhoneGap Docs Jekyll Template

Jekyll is a typsetter and templating tool that can generate static web sites. The website content can be written in HTML, markdown, and textile documents. The templates are processed with Shopify's liquid layout.

PhoneGap Docs

The goal of this repository is to provide a foundation for writing the PhoneGap documentation. It abstracts the content from the presentation, so that we can focus on creating really good handwritten documentation. Since the content is written in markdown, it can easily port it to another templating tool.

Getting Starting with Jekyll

gem install jekyll
git clone
cd phonegap-docs/
jekyll --server

Getting Starting with Documentation

  • Each platform has a directory in the root.
    • e.g. ./phonegap
    • e.g. ./android
  • Each PhoneGap object post includes documentation files from _include/
    • e.g. ./_include/phonegap/

Scotch for Docs Hack Night

  • Decide what methods are included in PhoneGap and document them
  • Document the public plugins for the major platforms
    • Android
    • iPhone / iPad
    • BlackBerry
  • Discuss templating tool options:
    • Jekyll
      • Can fork and change
      • Can write extensions in Ruby
    • JoDoc - Help davebalmer separate it from the Jo repo
    • Home baked
  • Discuss how to document the specific platforms
    • The state of these methods are more volatile, in comparison to the PhoneGap API
      • The documentation should live closer to the method, to keep the documentation up to date
    • Some of these methods are tightly bound to the PhoneGap-
      • Eventually they will be extracted out as a plugin


  • Decide how to document model objects, i.e. the geolocation 'Position' and 'Coordinates' objects. For now, we're documenting it in the ./phonegap markdown files.
  • Figure out an elegant solution for linking to methods and objects that are defined across the entire API.