A positive community for gamers with disabilities, disorders, and differences.
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Healing Rain

A positive community that is inclusive for every single type of gamer under the rainbow.

Goal of Project:

To create a positive community that includes gamers with disabilities, disorders, and differences that is accepting of all levels of gaming experience. We want to include anyone and everyone that is willing to maintain a positive mindset and support others through gaming. Seriously, this is for everyone.

Why We Need This:

Research has shown that gaming can have significant positive impact on an individual's social, personal, and physical rehabilitation. Despite these benefits, gaming communities are often inaccessible or profoundly negative. Everyone deserves access to a helpful, positive community where they are free to be themselves.

Our Mission:

We aim to deliver positive, accessible information to help improve the gaming experience for all types of gamers. We hope to foster an inclusive, positive community based on helping and healing. There is no “other” here, we want to see you grow and be exactly the person you want to be. Basically, we aim to stack positives like you hope your in-game healer stacks heals.

How We Aim To Do This:

Forum, research db with tags/labels, microposts highlighting accessible features in games, featuring positive articles about gaming/benefits/inclusiveness, advocacy campaigns, summarizing research for non-scientists, listing companies/conferences/charities trying to make a difference, member twitch streams

Code of Conduct:

There will be a comprehensive code of conduct that enforces an overall positive feel to all materials on the site that maintains a standard of language that is free from any form of discrimination (including but not limited to: disability, mental health, race, nationality, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, body size, and physical appearance). Harassment and bullying will not be tolerated.

What We Are Not:

This is not a space to rant about how inaccessible games are, how poorly you are treated by gamebros, spew hate, or to rate games. There are lots of other outlets for that and this is NOT one of them.

What We Need:

Developers, logo/mascot design, accessibility experts, research experts, forum moderators, idea people. Every little thing counts.

Feedback From Gamers:

Please fill out this survey about your gamer identity to help provide feedback to make Healing Rain the best community possible!

How You Can Help:

Ping @sinthetix on Twitter to share your ideas or donate to help the project through Gittip.