DeepLearning on MNIST data with Torch
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This project will guide you through getting the MNIST data (database of handwritten digits), training a Deep Neural Network, and evaluating the accuracy of the network. For a more academic approach, see:

Make sure you have installed is a tutorial (excuse the a shameless plug):

This project makes use of 'av', which is a Domain Specific Shell designed to focus the tools accessible on the command line. This project setup a standard flow of commands. First though, we need to get av installed:

npm install -g av-shell

Then launch the shell with


Here are the commands you will find useful (note: run them in this order first):

download   # Pulls down the nmist data to the 'raw' folder
convert    # Convert the raw data into a format ingestible by torch
backend    # Use this command to show and set the backend for the neural network
train      # Have the neural network learn from the data
evaluation # Determine how accurate the network has learned from the data

So if you wanted to use a GPU backend like cunn or cudnn, do the following:

backend set cudnn

If you want to use a docker container rather than mess up your local workstation:

role set # now select 'docker'
choose   # Should only be one option 'itorch'
build    # Builds docker container
run      # Launches docker container
# Use the commands described above

To characterize the variation on the performance of the backend (--batchSize=100):

| Platform | backend | time | Version | |---------------------|------- :|:-------|----------| | MBP w/ GTX 970 eGPU | nn | 200ms | | | MBP w/ GTX 970 eGPU | cunn | 80ms | CUDA 7.5 | | MBP w/ GTX 970 eGPU | cudnn | 10ms | cuDNNv5 | | Jetson TX1 | nn | 1500ms | | | Jetson TX1 | cunn | 300ms | CUDA 7.0 | | Jetson TX1 | cudnn | 200ms | cuDNNv5 |

These are all orders of magnitude, per training step/batch