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Added :fixture argument to TEST macro

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1 parent d714090 commit df94e5e6fa7251673b060fa4341bbf740358633e @segv segv committed Mar 23, 2007
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  1. +20 −11 src/test.lisp
31 src/test.lisp
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@
"Create a test named NAME. If NAME is a list it must be of the
- (name &key depends-on suite)
+ (name &key depends-on suite fixture compile-at)
NAME is the symbol which names the test.
@@ -45,24 +45,33 @@ If DEPENDS-ON is a symbol it is interpreted as `(AND
,depends-on), this is accomadate the common case of one test
depending on another.
-SUITE defaults to the current value of *SUITE*."
- (destructuring-bind (name &key depends-on (suite nil suite-supplied-p) (compile-at :run-time))
+SUITE defaults to the current value of *SUITE*.
+FIXTURE specifies a fixtrue to wrap the body in."
+ (destructuring-bind (name &key depends-on (suite nil suite-supplied-p)
+ (compile-at :run-time) fixture)
(ensure-list name)
(declare (type (member :run-time :definition-time) compile-at))
- (let (description)
- (setf description (if (stringp (car body))
- (pop body)
- ""))
+ (let ((description (if (stringp (car body))
+ (pop body)
+ ""))
+ (effective-body (if fixture
+ (destructuring-bind (name &rest args)
+ (ensure-list fixture)
+ `((with-fixture ,name ,args ,@body)))
+ body)))
(setf (get-test ',name) (make-instance 'test-case
:name ',name
:runtime-package ,*package*
(lambda ()
- ,@(ecase compile-at
- (:run-time `((funcall (let ((*package* ,*package*))
- (compile nil '(lambda () ,@body))))))
- (:definition-time body)))
+ ,@ (ecase compile-at
+ (:run-time `((funcall
+ (let ((*package* (find-package ',(package-name *package*))))
+ (compile nil '(lambda ()
+ ,@effective-body))))))
+ (:definition-time effective-body)))
:description ,description
:depends-on ',depends-on))
,(if suite-supplied-p

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