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;;;; -*- Mode: Lisp; indent-tabs-mode: nil -*-
;;; --- Make DNS queries.
(in-package :iolib.sockets)
(defvar *dns-recursion-desired* t
"Whether the \"RECURSION-DESIRED\" field should be set ot not.")
(defvar *dns-repeat* 3
"The number of times a failed query will be retried.")
(defvar *dns-timeout* 10
"Timeout for DNS queries in seconds.")
(defconstant +max-16-bits+ (1- (expt 2 16)))
(defun prepare-query (name type)
(let* ((question (make-question name type :in))
(query (make-query (random +max-16-bits+)
question *dns-recursion-desired*)))
(write-dns-message query)))
(defun reverse-vector (vector)
(let* ((vector-length (length vector))
(make-array vector-length
:element-type (array-element-type vector))))
(loop :for target-index :below vector-length
:for source-index := (- vector-length target-index 1)
:do (setf (aref reverse-vector target-index)
(aref vector source-index)))
(values reverse-vector)))
(defun ipv4-dns-ptr-name (address)
(declare (type ipv4-array address))
(concatenate 'string (vector-to-dotted (reverse-vector address))
(defun ipv6-vector-to-dotted (vector)
(declare (type ipv6-array vector))
(let ((*print-base* 16))
(with-output-to-string (dotted-address)
(loop :for index :below (length vector)
:for element := (aref vector index) :do
(when (plusp index)
(princ #\. dotted-address))
(princ (ldb (byte 4 0) element) dotted-address)
(princ #\. dotted-address)
(princ (ldb (byte 4 4) element) dotted-address)
(princ #\. dotted-address)
(princ (ldb (byte 4 8) element) dotted-address)
(princ #\. dotted-address)
(princ (ldb (byte 4 12) element) dotted-address))))))
(defun ipv6-dns-ptr-name (address)
(declare (type (simple-array ub16 (8)) address))
(concatenate 'string (ipv6-vector-to-dotted (reverse-vector address))
(defun dns-ptr-name (address)
(multiple-value-bind (vector address-type)
(address-to-vector address)
(when (null address)
(error "The argument is not a valid IP address"))
(ecase address-type
(:ipv4 (ipv4-dns-ptr-name vector))
(:ipv6 (ipv6-dns-ptr-name vector)))))
;;;; Resource Record Decoding
(defgeneric %decode-rr (rr type class))
(defmethod %decode-rr ((rr dns-rr) type class)
(declare (ignore type class))
(cons (dns-rr-ttl rr) (dns-rr-data rr)))
(defmethod %decode-rr ((rr dns-rr) (type (eql :cname)) class)
(declare (ignore class))
(let ((cname (dns-rr-data rr)))
(cons (dns-rr-ttl rr)
(subseq cname 0 (1- (length cname))))))
(defmethod %decode-rr ((rr dns-rr) (type (eql :a)) (class (eql :in)))
(let ((address (dns-rr-data rr)))
(cons (dns-rr-ttl rr)
(make-address address))))
(defmethod %decode-rr ((rr dns-rr) (type (eql :aaaa)) (class (eql :in)))
(let ((address (dns-rr-data rr)))
(cons (dns-rr-ttl rr)
(make-address address))))
(defmethod %decode-rr ((rr dns-rr) (type (eql :ptr)) class)
(declare (ignore class))
(let ((name (dns-rr-data rr)))
(cons (dns-rr-ttl rr)
(subseq name 0 (1- (length name))))))
(defmethod %decode-rr ((rr dns-rr) (type (eql :mx)) class)
(declare (ignore class))
(destructuring-bind (preference name) (dns-rr-data rr)
(cons (dns-rr-ttl rr)
(cons preference
(subseq name 0 (1- (length name)))))))
(defmethod %decode-rr ((rr dns-rr) (type (eql :srv)) class)
(declare (ignore class))
(destructuring-bind (priority weight port target) (dns-rr-data rr)
(list* (dns-rr-ttl rr)
(subseq target 0 (1- (length target))))))
(defun decode-rr (rr)
(%decode-rr rr (dns-record-type rr) (dns-record-class rr)))
;;;; Response Decoding
(defgeneric %decode-response (dns-message question-type))
(defmethod %decode-response :around ((msg dns-message) question-type)
(declare (ignore question-type))
(let ((return-code (rcode-field msg)))
(if (eql :no-error return-code) ; no error
(values return-code))))
(defun remove-trailing-dot (string)
(assert (>= (length string) 2) (string)
"String length must be at least 2: ~S" string)
(assert (char= #\. (char string (1- (length string)))) (string)
"Must end with a dot: ~S" string)
(subseq string 0 (1- (length string))))
(defun find-cname (msg)
(let ((answer (dns-message-answer msg))
(answer-count (dns-message-answer-count msg))
(cnames (make-hash-table :test 'equal :size 3))
(consumed 0))
(loop :for i :below answer-count
:for ans := (aref answer i) :do
(if (eql :cname (dns-record-type ans))
(setf (gethash (dns-record-name ans) cnames)
(dns-rr-data ans))
:finally (setf consumed i))
(do ((cname (dns-record-name (aref (dns-message-question msg) 0)))
(exit nil))
(exit (values (remove-trailing-dot cname) consumed))
(let ((name (gethash cname cnames)))
(cond (name
(remhash cname cnames)
(setf cname name))
(t (setf exit t)))))))
(defun decode-a-or-aaaa-response (msg)
(declare (type dns-message msg))
(let ((answer (dns-message-answer msg))
(answer-count (dns-message-answer-count msg))
(cname nil)
(first-address-place 0)
(first-address nil)
(other-addresses nil))
;; when the address is valid(we have at least one answer)
(when (plusp answer-count)
(setf (values cname first-address-place) (find-cname msg))
;; this means the message actually contains addresses
(when (> (dns-message-answer-count msg) first-address-place)
(setf first-address (decode-rr (aref answer first-address-place))))
(setf other-addresses
(loop :for i :from (1+ first-address-place)
:below (dns-message-answer-count msg)
:collect (decode-rr (aref answer i)))))
(values cname first-address other-addresses)))
(defmethod %decode-response ((msg dns-message) (question-type (eql :a)))
(declare (ignore question-type))
(decode-a-or-aaaa-response msg))
(defmethod %decode-response ((msg dns-message) (question-type (eql :aaaa)))
(declare (ignore question-type))
(decode-a-or-aaaa-response msg))
(defmethod %decode-response ((msg dns-message) (question-type (eql :ptr)))
(declare (ignore question-type))
(decode-rr (aref (dns-message-answer msg) 0)))
;; TODO: got a lot to do here
(defmethod %decode-response ((msg dns-message) (question-type (eql :mx)))
(declare (ignore question-type))
(let ((rr (aref (dns-message-answer msg) 0)))
(decode-rr rr)))
;; TODO: randomly choose between same priority by weight
(defmethod %decode-response ((msg dns-message) (question-type (eql :srv)))
(declare (ignore question-type))
(let* ((decoded-rrs (map 'vector #'decode-rr (dns-message-answer msg))))
(aref (sort decoded-rrs #'< :key #'second) 0)))
(defmethod %decode-response ((msg dns-message) (question-type (eql :txt)))
(declare (ignore question-type))
(decode-rr (aref (dns-message-answer msg) 0)))
(defmethod %decode-response ((msg dns-message) question-type)
(declare (ignore question-type))
(values msg))
(defun decode-response (message)
(%decode-response message
(aref (dns-message-question message) 0))))
(defconstant +dns-port+ 53)
(defun dns-query/udp (buffer length nameserver timeout)
(socket :type :datagram :ipv6 (ipv6-address-p nameserver)
:remote-host nameserver :remote-port +dns-port+)
(send-to socket buffer :end length)
(iomux:wait-until-fd-ready (fd-of socket) :input timeout t)
(multiple-value-bind (buf len)
(receive-from socket :size +dns-max-datagram-size+)
(values buf len))))
(defun wait-until-socket-connected (socket timeout)
(if (nth-value 1 (iomux:wait-until-fd-ready (fd-of socket) :output timeout))
(let ((errcode (socket-option socket :error)))
(when (minusp errcode) (signal-socket-error errcode (fd-of socket))))
(error 'socket-connection-timeout-error)))
(defun send-tcp-dns-query (socket buffer length)
(let ((minibuf (make-array (+ length 2) :element-type 'ub8)))
;; two-octet length prefix
(replace minibuf (ub16-to-vector length))
(replace minibuf buffer :start1 2 :end2 length)
(send-to socket minibuf :end (+ length 2))))
(defun get-tcp-query-length (socket timeout)
(iomux:wait-until-fd-ready (fd-of socket) :input timeout t)
(multiple-value-bind (minibuf)
(receive-from socket :size 2)
(+ (ash (aref minibuf 0) 8)
(aref minibuf 1))))
(defun receive-tcp-dns-message (socket time-fn)
(with-accessors ((fd fd-of)) socket
(let* ((message-length (get-tcp-query-length socket (funcall time-fn)))
(input-buffer (make-array message-length :element-type 'ub8)))
(loop :with off := 0 :do
(iomux:wait-until-fd-ready fd :input (funcall time-fn) t)
(let ((inbytes (nth-value 1 (receive-from socket :buffer input-buffer :start off))))
(incf off inbytes)
(when (= off message-length)
(return (values input-buffer off))))))))
(defun dns-query/tcp (buffer length nameserver timeout)
(let* ((t0 (isys:get-monotonic-time))
(tend (+ t0 timeout)))
(flet ((remtime ()
(let ((rem (- tend (isys:get-monotonic-time))))
(if (not (minusp rem))
(error 'socket-connection-timeout-error)))))
(socket :connect :active :type :stream
:ipv6 (ipv6-address-p nameserver))
(connect socket nameserver :port +dns-port+)
(socket-connection-in-progress-error ()
(wait-until-socket-connected socket (remtime))))
(send-tcp-dns-query socket buffer length)
(receive-tcp-dns-message socket #'remtime)))))
(defun do-one-dns-query (name type search ns repeat timeout)
;; TODO: implement search
(declare (ignore search))
(let* ((query (prepare-query name type))
(buffer (sequence-of query))
(bufflen (write-cursor-of query))
(tries-left repeat))
((start (protocol)
;; if the query size fits into a datagram(512 bytes max) do a
;; UDP query, otherwise use TCP
(ecase protocol
(:udp (query/udp))
(:tcp (query/tcp))))
(query/udp ()
;; do a UDP query; in case of a socket error, try again
(dns-query/udp buffer bufflen ns timeout)
(socket-error () (%error "UDP socket error"))
(iomux:poll-timeout () (try-again :udp))
(:no-error (buf bytes) (parse-response buf bytes))))
(query/tcp ()
;; do a TCP query; in case of a socket error, try again
(dns-query/tcp buffer bufflen ns timeout)
(socket-connection-timeout-error () (try-again :tcp))
(socket-error () (%error "TCP socket error"))
(iomux:poll-timeout () (try-again :tcp))
(:no-error (buf bytes) (parse-response buf bytes t))))
(parse-response (buf bytes &optional on-tcp)
;; try to parse the response; in case of a parse error, try again
(read-dns-message (make-instance 'dynamic-buffer :sequence buf :size bytes))
(dynamic-buffer-input-error () (try-again :tcp))
(dns-message-error () (try-again :tcp))
(:no-error (response)
;; if a truncated response was received by UDP, try TCP
;; if it was received by TCP, err
(if (truncated-field response)
(if on-tcp (%error "TCP truncated messae") (try-again :tcp))
(return-response response)))))
(try-again (protocol)
;; if no response received and there are tries left, try again
(if (plusp (decf tries-left)) (start protocol) (%error "No more retries left")))
(return-response (response) response)
(%error (&optional cause) (declare (ignore cause))))
(start :udp))))
(defun preprocess-dns-name (name type)
(if (eql :ptr type)
(dns-ptr-name name)
(defun dns-query (name &key (type :a) (search *dns-search-domain*)
(nameservers *dns-nameservers*) decode
(repeat *dns-repeat*) (timeout *dns-timeout*))
(setf nameservers (ensure-list nameservers))
(assert nameservers (nameservers) "Must supply a nameserver")
(let ((pname (preprocess-dns-name name type)))
(dolist (ns (mapcar #'ensure-address nameservers))
(when-let (response (do-one-dns-query pname type search
ns repeat timeout))
(return* (if decode (decode-response response) response))))))
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