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MAKE-SOCKET-PAIR: don't duplicate newly-created descriptors

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1 parent 48337af commit 4d1c573c4f429b0bda99ba420b5da86937aaaf08 @sionescu committed Aug 18, 2012
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@@ -350,7 +350,8 @@ The socket is automatically closed upon exit."
(defmethod make-socket-pair (&key (type :stream) (protocol :default) (external-format :default)
input-buffer-size output-buffer-size)
(flet ((%make-socket-pair (fd)
- (make-socket-from-fd fd :external-format external-format
+ (make-socket-from-fd fd :dup nil
+ :external-format external-format
:input-buffer-size input-buffer-size
:output-buffer-size output-buffer-size)))
(multiple-value-bind (fd1 fd2)

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