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Add warning about libfixposix package in Debian

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1 parent 9040a9f commit d3bda105b0f42aec03e8914711ed52fca1ef1848 @sionescu committed Jun 30, 2017
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@@ -5,6 +5,10 @@ - and its headers in order to
compile. LibFixPOSIX can either be installed manually, for which there
are instructions in the source code, or through distro repositories.
+As of Debian 9.0 Stable, the libfixposix package uses code from 2011,
+which is incompatible with the current IOlib and will cause a SEGFAULT
+on load. Don't use it.
* Tests
Some of the socket tests require an echo server, the default being
one on the Internet. If you can't use that, set

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