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Efficient endianness conversion for SBCL
Common Lisp
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LICENCE Add MIT licence Add
ccl.lisp Fix swap-bytes-64 on 32-bit CCL.
endianness.lisp Split portable.lisp into three files
network.lisp Split portable.lisp into three files
package.lisp Add "indent-tabs-mode: nil" to modelines
portable.lisp Split portable.lisp into three files
sbcl-defknowns.lisp Improve SBCL:
sbcl-vops.lisp Improve SBCL:
sbcl.lisp Improve SBCL:
swap-bytes.asd Upgrade ASDF requirement to 3.1
test.lisp Move test suite to FiveAM and fix tests
version.sexp Release 1.0


A library for changing endianness of unsigned integers of length 1/2/4/8. Very useful in implementing various network protocols and file formats.

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