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Ansible scripts to configure and install SIP3
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Ansible scripts to configure and install SIP3

sip3-ansible project provides an easy way to configure and install SIP3 components. If you are not familiar with the SIP3 architecture check out this page.

1. Prerequsites

Before starting with sip3-ansible, make sure you have installed:

2. Playbooks

SIP3 is a multi-component project. That's why sip3-ansbile suggests you different playbooks with various component configuration settings, according to the size of your VoIP network and infrastructure requirements:

  • Trial - a showcase version of SIP3. Run it as a monolitic application with just a few commands. Keep in mind that this version has restrictions in terms of performance and available features.

3. Support

If you have a question about SIP3, just leave us a message in Gitter, or send us an email. We will be happy to help you.

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