HEP: C implementation of HEP/EEP Encapsulation Protocol
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HEP/EEP Encapsulation Protocol

EEP/HEP: Extensible Encapsulation protocol (“EEP” pronounced “HEPPY”) provides a method to duplicate an IP datagram to a collector by encapsulating the original datagram and its relative header properties (as payload, in form of concatenated chunks) within a new IP datagram transmitted over UDP/TCP/SCTP connections for remote collection. Encapsulation allows for the original content to be transmitted without altering the original IP datagram and header contents and provides flexible allocation of additional chunks containing additional arbitrary data.

HEP/EEP is currently supported natively in platforms such as Kamailio/SER, OpenSIPS, FreeSWITCH, Asterisk and many more.

This repository provides some example reference implementations for Developers and Integrators.

For any question or comment, please visit http://sipcapture.org or contact support@sipcapture.org