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The Sipwise NGCP rtpengine is a proxy for RTP traffic and other UDP based media traffic. It's meant to be used with the Kamailio SIP proxy and OpenSIPS SIP proxy and forms a drop-in replacement for any of the other available RTP and media proxies.

RTPEngine mr4.4.1+ supports HEP3 Encapsulation and can mirror RTCP packets relayed between streams to HOMER complete with SIP correlation Call-IDs from the respective signaling session.

NGCP Users

Users of the NGCP platform should enable HOMER support directly in their config.yml replacing the destination parameter with the correct HOMER HEP socket and applying with ngcpcfg apply

    enabled: yes
    id: '2001'
    protocol: udp
 --homer=IP46:PORT           Address of Homer server for RTCP stats
 --homer-protocol=udp|tcp    Transport protocol for Homer (must be defined)
 --homer-id=INT              'Capture ID' to use within the HEP protocol


Configure RTPEngine to send RTCP reports to Homer using the same HEP settings you used in your Kamailio/OpenSIPS/Captagent configuration to achieve SIP session correlation:

Example HEP Settings (command line)
/usr/sbin/rtpengine --interface= --listen-tcp=25060 \
--listen-udp=12222 --listen-ng=22222 --listen-cli=9900 --timeout=60 \
--silent-timeout=3600 --pidfile=/var/run/ngcp-rtpengine-daemon.pid \
--table=0 --log-level=6 --log-facility=daemon --homer= \
--homer-id=999 --homer-protocol=udp
Example HEP Settings (rtpengine.default)
Example RTCP Report
"sdes_ssrc":3724882677,"sdes_report_count":1,"sdes_information": [] }
Example QoS Report

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