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HEP Enabled Log harvester for Node.js

HEPipe.js is a sipcapture tool to monitor files, extract and ship arbitrary rows (logs, events, cdrs, etc) with correlation_id to a HEP server such as HOMER or PCAPTURE using HEP Type 100

  • Status: Experimental


git clone https://github.com/sipcapture/hepipe.js
cd hepipe.js
npm install


Edit application parameters for HEP and LOGS monitoring in config.js

Each LOGS item defines a log path and a (regex) rule to match/extract the proper correlation ID from rows

Example Log: NGCP/Kamailio

Let's take the following Kamailio logline containing a Call-ID (ID=) as example:

Nov 19 22:05:36 ams2 /usr/sbin/kamailio[1067]: INFO: Sending reply, fs='udp:' - ID=11876453@
  • Regex Filter: ID=([^&]\\S*)
  • Correlation ID: 11876453@

Resulting config.js:

var config = {
        // Address and Port of your HEP Server
        HEP_SERVER: 'homer.ip.addr',
        HEP_PORT: 9060,
        HEP_ID: '2001',
        HEP_AUTH: 'null',
        LOGS: [
                  tag : 'ngcp', // unique id
                  host : '', // host address
                  pattern: 'ID=([^&]\\S*)', // escaped regex
                  path : '/var/log/syslog' // path to logfile

Start Hepipe-js

npm run forever

Example Logs in HOMER 5

For more information visit the hepipe.js repository.

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