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Warning: This project has been archived and is no longer updated. Please use Nimvelo Chrome Extension instead.

A Google Chrome extension which uses the Sipcentric REST API (BETA).

Available on the Chrome Web Store.


The Sipcentric for Chrome extension gives you extra functionality over your extension and your account.

Version 1.1 is now out, includes:

  • Click to dial on webpages.
  • Recent call history.
  • Conversation based SMS messaging.
  • Company contacts / phone book.
  • Call & SMS Notifications.
  • CRM Integration (Screen popping)


This is sample code, you can use it, change it, do with it what you like (within the constraints of the MIT Licence).

If you just want to use the Chrome extension, it is easiest to install from the Chrome Web Store.

If you want to install the code to work on:

  • Clone or download this repo.
  • Enable developer mode in the extensions manager.
  • Then load the unpacked Chrome extension.


We have a developer group . Sipcentric Developers.

We are also on ##sipcentric