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use Kendryte K210 standalone SDK commitid d13b38098a3598b0018c38590387e43953efd140
and should use gcc-8.2, you can download at]

kendryte offical standalone sdk demo

you can find it by
but i did not test it on sipeed board. so you must test it by yourself.

demo instruction

below is tested

hello_world -- uart output hello_world
lcd -- lcd display
dvp_ov -- dvp output to lcd
gpiohs_led -- press key boot change led blue
ai_dmeo_sim -- k210 ai dmeo sim
lvgl -- lvgl demo on maix go

Kendryte K210 standalone SDK

This SDK is for Kendryte K210 without OS support. If you have any questions, please be free to contact us.


If you want to start a new project, for instance, hello_world, you only need to:

mkdir your project in src/, cd src && mkdir hello_world, then put your codes in it, and build it.

mkdir build && cd build
cmake .. -DPROJ=<ProjectName> -DTOOLCHAIN=/opt/riscv-toolchain/bin && make

You will get 2 key files, hello_world and hello_world.bin.

  1. If you are using JLink to run or debug your program, use hello_world
  2. If you want to flash it in UOG, using hello_world.bin, then using flash-tool(s) burn .bin to your flash.

This is very important, don't make a mistake in files.