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Build Maixpy from source code

Only suport Linux now! not test on Windows or macOS

Get source code

  • Clone by https link
git clone
  • Then get submodules
git submodule update --recursive --init

It will regiter and clone all submodules, if you don't want to register all submodules, cause some modules is unnecessary, just execute

git submodule update --init
# or 
git submodule update --init path_to_submodule
# or
git submodule update --init --recursive path_to_submodule

Install dependencies

Ubuntu for example:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install python3 python3-pip build-essential cmake
sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt

recommend python3 instead of python2

Check CMake version by

cmake --version

The cmake version should be at least v3.9, if not, please install latest cmake manually from cmake website

Download toolchain

Download the latest toolchain from here, or kendryte-toolchain-ubuntu-amd64-8.2.0-20190409.tar.xz(CDN)

And extract to /opt/kendryte-toolchain/

For example:

sudo tar -Jxvf kendryte-toolchain-ubuntu-amd64-8.2.0-20190409.tar.xz -C /opt
ls /opt/kendryte-toolchain/bin

Configure project

  • Switch path to hello_world project director
cd MaixPy
cd projects/hello_world

or maixpy project

cd MaixPy
cd projects/maixpy_k210
  • Configure toolchain path

The default toolchain path is /opt/kendryte-toolchain/bin, and default toolchain pfrefix is riscv64-unknown-elf-.

If you have copied toolchain to /opt, just use default.

Or you can customsize your toolchain path by

python3 --toolchain /opt/kendryte-toolchain/bin --toolchain-prefix riscv64-unknown-elf- config 

And clean config to default by command

python3 clean_conf
  • Configure project

Usually, just use the default configuration.

If you want to customsize project modules, execute command:

python3 menuconfig

This command will display a configure panel with GUI, then change settings and save configuration.


python3 build

And clean project by:

python3 clean

Clean all build files by:

python3 distclean

The make system is generated from cmake, you must run

python3 rebuild

to rebuild make system after you add/delete source files or edit kconfig files

Flash (Burn) to board

For example, you have one Maix Go board:

python3 -B goE -p /dev/ttyUSB1 -b 1500000 flash

For Maixduino board:

python3 -B maixduino -p /dev/ttyUSB0 -b 1500000 -S flash

-B means board, -p means board serial device port, -b means baudrate, -S or --Slow means download at low speed but more stable mode.

the configuration saved in .flash_conf.json except args: --sram(-s)、--terminal(-t)、--Slow(-S) You don't need to confiure again the next time you burn firmware, just use:

python3 flash


python3 -S flash

More parameters help by :

python3 --help


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