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Arduino Core for K210 based devices

Supported devices

Sipeed Maix series


Various custom boards




Refer install doc: Install


From Board Manager

  1. Download and install the Arduino IDE (at least version v1.9.8)
  2. Start the Arduino IDE
  3. Go into Preferences
  4. Add as an "Additional Board Manager URL"
  5. Open the Boards Manager from the Tools -> Board menu and install "Maixduino(K210)"
  6. Select your K210 board from the Tools -> Board menu

From git

  1. Follow steps from Board Manager section above
  2. cd <SKETCHBOOK>, where <SKETCHBOOK> is your Arduino Sketch folder:
  • OS X: ~/Documents/Arduino
  • Linux: ~/Arduino
  • Windows: ~/Documents/Arduino
  1. Create a folder named hardware, if it does not exist, and change directories to it
  2. Clone this repo: git clone Maixduino/k210
  3. Restart the Arduino IDE

Firmware flashing

The firmware of the K210 devices is updated with a Python-based kflash cross-platform tool. Follow kflash github page on installation instruction.

Change board settings in Tools section on the top of Arduino IDE
  1. Board: The same as your dev board
  2. Burn Toolfirmware: leave default, for Maix Go Kit - open-ec
  3. Burn Baudrate: Decrease it if download fails
  4. Port: Serial port, e.g. /dev/ttyUSB0
  5. Programmer: k-flash


This core is based on and compatible with the Sipeed Maixduino Core