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Efficient Joint Segmentation, Occlusion Labeling, Stereo and Flow Estimation by Koichiro Yamaguchi, David McAlleste, Raquel Urtasun
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SPS-Stereo: Slanted Plane Smoothing Stereo

SPS-Stereo is a dense stereo method employing a slanted plane model. It jointly estimates a superpixel segmentation, boundry labels (such as occlusion boundaries), and a dense depth estimate from a pair of stereo images.


author = {Koichiro Yamaguchi and David McAllester and Raquel Urtasun},
title = {Efficient Joint Segmentation, Occlusion Labeling, Stereo and Flow Estimation},
booktitle = {ECCV},
year = {2014}

Building SPS-Stereo

  1. Prerequisites
    • opencv
  2. Building
    1. type 'cmake .'
    2. type 'make'

Usage of demo code

First, download KITTI stereo/flow dataset from KITTI Vision Benchmark Suite homepage and extract it.

Run SPS-Stereo
> ./spsstereo images.txt

where images.txt looks like: left_image_1.png right_image_1.png .. left_image_N.png right_image_N.png


  • 000000_10_disp.png
    Disparity image (PNG 16bit grayscale format)
    (Disparity value) = (Pixel value)/256.0

  • 000000_10L_seg.png
    Segmentation image (PNG 16bit grayscale format)
    (Segment ID) = (Pixel value)

  • 000000_10L_plane.png
    Estimated disparity planes
    the number of lines = the number of segments
    Each line includes parameters of disparity plane of a segment: (A_i, B_i, C_i)

  • 000000_10L_label.txt
    Boundary labeling result
    the number of lines = the number of boundaries
    Each line includes three entries: SegmentID1 SegmentID2 boundary_label
    boundary_label: 0 (Occlusion, SegmentID1 is front), 1 (Occlusion, SegmentID2 is front), 2 (Hinge), 3 (Coplanar)

  • 000000_10L_boundary.png
    Visualization of segmentation result
    Boundary color means a type of relationship between neighboring segments: Red/Blue-Occluion (Red side is front), Green-Hinge, Gray- Coplaner


SPS-Stereo is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3 (GPLv3), see

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