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migrate (and relaunch) stating the obvious. focused pub on tech & digital media commentary (vs. sippey.com, which purposefully meanders), bringing back some of the things that used to work -- just one question, filtered for purity. no more than one post per day.

  • filtered for purity -- what was interesting in the day. links, quotes, etc., stream of consciousness. things mag style posts. created throughout the day, and then published at the end.
  • just one question -- one question interviews with interesting people.
  • things we love -- posts on things we love -- gadgets, apps, media, etc. only things we love, not things we hate. there are too many things we hate.
  • stating the obvious -- 500-800 word classic posts.

design / feature notes

clean, clear, horizontal // html5, responsive design for mobile // four tier layout: header + content + social + meta // black and white, simple grid // pull quotes on longer posts // ability to do custom layouts for individual posts if necessary

Facebook for comments? or off and just encourage feedback on twitter? how to avoid the nascar of like / tweet / +1 buttons? feedburner, google analytics, email subscriptions through feedburner. fb like box. don't automate delivery to fb & twitter, those posts need to be handcrafted, just like the content on the site.

why jekyll + github

new toy // new templating language to learn & play with // everything in flat file markdown + html // work in public (tasks / bug list, this wiki, etc.) // embedded social tools (Facebook, etc.) // ability to local site preview with jekyll