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The provisioning interface for the NGCP system
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assets MT#7661 Configs are migrated to cloudpbx-devices
debian MT#14301 deleting prof packages instead of terminating
etc MT#9307 Drop broken invoice-gen files
inc/Local/Module MT#8397 Remove usage of Sys::Sig
lib/NGCP I18N dump: snapshot 2015-08-05 01:12:28 +0200
sandbox MT#13269 Make timeout for the remote server access
script MT#13903 balance interval catchup and resize WIP
share MT#14301 deleting prof packages instead of terminating
t MT#12347 Some local configs example
tools MT#13949 use ssl-cert group
tools_bin MT#12923 tools: move tools_bin/ngcp-api-tools to tools/
tools_man MT#7543 install API scripts in /usr/bin. Add manpages and some new op…
.gitignore MT#2655 setup Test::Perl::Critic::Progressive
.gitreview MT#7505 Add .gitreview file for ngcp-panel
.perlcriticrc MT#2655 setup Test::Perl::Critic::Progressive
Build.PL MT#11501 dialogic api read and hash config
Changes Initial commit of catalyst skeleton.
ISSUES Implement destination set handling.
MANIFEST MT#6551 Add empty MANIFEST file
README provide a mechanism to update README
dialogic_documentation.html MT#11501 dialogic api cleanup
logging.conf MT#11919 Use local logger.conf
ngcp_panel.conf MT#13903 topupvoucher and topupcash
ngcp_panel.psgi Initial commit of catalyst skeleton.
ngcp_panel_testing.conf use config file ngcp-schema/share/test.conf for testing


    A completely overhauled provisioning interface for the NGCP system.

    Build.PL - NGCP-Panel build system including test fixtures

        perl ./Build
        ./Build test --webdriver='phantomjs --webdriver=4444'
        ./Build test --webdriver='java -jar selenium-server-standalone.jar'
        ./Build test --webdriver='chromedriver --url-base=wd/hub --port=4444'
        ./Build test --webdriver=selenium-rc # from CPAN distro Alien-SeleniumRC
        ./Build test --webdriver=external --wd-server=

        ./Build test_tap --webdriver=external # outputs tap to tap/ folder

        ./Build testcover --webdriver='phantomjs --webdriver=4444'

        --webdriver       (required) external webdriver command
        --wd-server       HOST:PORT of an external webdriver to connect to
        --server          URI for socket test server
        --schema-base-dir directory of NGCP::Schema if its not yet installed
        --mysqld-port     port where the mysqld should be started
        --mysql-dump      one or more mysql dumps to be imported to our mysqld
        --help            brief help message
        --man             full documentation

    (required) command to launch a webdriver external if the webdriver is
    launched externally

    Host:Port of the webdriver to which the tests should connect. Default is
    set by Test::WebDriver to localhost:4444

    URI for the HTTP::Server::PSGI socket server run for testing, default

    If the NGCP::Schema is not installed to a known path to perl, this
    option can specify the base directory of its development location. It
    will then be included via blib, so we have access to its lib and share.

    If this option and `--mysqld-dir' are supplied, a mysqld will be started
    at the specified port and be used for the tests. mysqld will be stopped
    and the temporary data deleted when this script finishes.

    If this option and `--mysqld-port' are supplied, a mysqld will be
    started and be used for the tests. It will import all dumps supplied
    with this option. This option can be set multiple times. In this case
    all specified files will be dumped into the database.

    Print a brief help message and exits.

    Prints the manual page and exits.

    1. Update strings from database


    2. regenerate messages.pot (use -v for verbose output) --output=lib/NGCP/Panel/I18N/messages.pot --directory=lib/ --directory=share/templates/ --directory=share/layout -P perl=tt,pm

    3. Update or create $LANG.po files

        msgmerge --update $LANG.po messages.pot

    In case your language did not exist already:

        msginit --input=lib/NGCP/Panel/I18N/messages.pot --output=lib/NGCP/Panel/I18N/$LANG.po --locale=$LANG

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