Erlang & FreeSWITCH based Automated Contact Distribution (ACD) system
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Project Overview

OpenACD is an opensource project aimed at providing a distributed, fault tolerant contact/call center platform. It's implemented in Erlang, uses Dojo for its web UI and integrates tightly with FreeSWITCH for its VoIP components. The sister project gen_smtp is used for email support.

Build Status

Feature Highlights

  • Skill based routing
  • Priority and unified queueing
  • Web-based administration and agent interaction
  • Supervisory interface for managing agents/call flow
  • Support for handling voice calls (inbound and outbound), voicemails and emails
  • Detailed CDRs and agent state recording
  • Extensible architecture for new media types, data collection, and agent interaction


Development is sponsored by KGB and the 2 main developers are:

  • Andrew Thompson (andrew AT
  • Micah Warren (micahw AT

Other contributions are welcome.

You can also (possibly) get help on IRC via #openacd on FreeNode.

A mailinglist also exists at


If you'd like to contribute - simply make a fork on github, and once you've got some changes you like reviewed, send a pull request or email to either of the main developers. We'll review the changes and either include them or let you know why not. Also feel free to contribute documentation, translations or report bugs.

Project Status

OpenACD current exists in two states: version 1.0 which features all the above, and version 2.0, which adds multi-channel, and improved plugin support. For the stable version 1.0, use the 'v1' branch. Master is version 2, and is in heavy development.

There are also two branches to help when developing plugins: embeddable_build and embeddable_build_v1. They correspond to master and v1 respectively. When developing a plugin using rebar to build, using the embeddable_build and embeddable_build_v1 will ensure OpenACD builds properly and gives the developer no trouble.

The OpenACD developers are working with eZuce and KGB to integrate OpenACD as the new sipXecs ACD.

More Info

More information can be found on the github wiki. Please feel free to contribute additional information on the wiki if you have it.