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Martellone Alexa Skill

Alexa, ask Martellone what does he think about it


Skill created as a tribute to the mythological Nando Martellone, character of the TV Show Boris.

Amazon UK

Amazon IT

Preliminary Steps

Install node dependencies

npm install

Install serverless module globally npm install -g serverless or use it via npx (i.e. npx serverless deploy)

How to

  1. Run sls alexa auth to authenticate
  2. Run sls alexa create --name "Martellone" --locale en-GB --type custom to create a new skill
  3. Add the skill id returned as env variable SKILLID
  4. Do your first deploy of your Serverless stack
  5. Add the ARN of your lambda as env variable ARNLAMBDA
  6. Run sls alexa update to deploy the skill manifest
  7. Run sls alexa build to build the skill interaction model
  8. Enable the skill in the Alexa app to start testing