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Get Started

- Add Bulma support

Install bulma, node-sass and gatsby-plugin-sass as development dependencies

yarn add -D bulma node-sass gatsby-plugin-sass

Add gatsby-plugin-sass to gatsby-config.js in plugins secion

plugins: [

Create new folder (folder name can be any) in src called styles then add new files with name bulma.scss and _all.scss.

// bulma.scss

@charset "utf-8";
@import url(',400&subset=latin-ext');

// Custom variables
$family-primary: 'Raleway', sans-serif;

// -> Colors
$primary: #293e53;

// Base modules
@import '~bulma/sass/utilities/_all';
@import '~bulma/sass/base/_all';

// Components
@import '~bulma/sass/components/navbar';

// Layout
@import '~bulma/sass/layout/hero';

// Elements
@import '~bulma/sass/elements/container';
@import '~bulma/sass/elements/title';

// Grid
@import '~bulma/sass/grid/_all';
// _all.scss

@import './bulma.scss';

Edit gatsby-browser.js and require the _all.scss


Test Bulma by editing React element in index.js

// index.js

// ...
<section className='hero is-fullheight is-primary'>
  <div className='hero-body'>
    <div className='container has-text-centered'>
      <h1 className='title'>Aflasio</h1>
      <h1 className='subtitle'>Welcome To My Gatsby Site!</h1>
// ...
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