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A self-hosting mini Haskell compiler with a mini C runtime.
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A compiler for a subset of Haskell to Combinatory Logic

Build Status

Adapted from the original version by Ben Lynn

This is an elaboration and annotation of Ben Lynn's Haskell compiler and C VM. The main aim is to improve upon the compiler, in various layers (see Future plans).


./blynn <binary> <input> <output>

Where binary is the combinatory logic program to run, input is the file whose contents are passed to the binary, and output is the file to write the output to.



  • A C compiler and make. That's it!


To check self-compilation, run ./ classy.hs. It does the following:

  • Run classy (compiler binary) on classy.hs (compiler source), producing classy2
  • Run classy2 on classy.hs, producing classy3
  • Check that classy2 and classy3 are identical.

If you've made a change to what classy.hs outputs, (e.g. an optimization to code generation), run ./ classy.hs instead. It adds another step to the same process in to ensure that the changes propagate.

Future plans


  • Create bootstrapping path from original classy compiler

C runtime

  • Monadic I/O
    • putc, getc, filesystems
  • Alternate VM in Forth?


Initial phase; parsing and totality, then reduce heap usage.

  • Use more typeclasses in this compiler
  • Remove undefined, only use total functions
  • "Don't pay for what you don't use" (only emit code for functions referenced from main)
  • Convert to CPS and perform partial evaluation


  • Rewrite in applicative style with typeclasses
  • Add block comments
  • Use Parsec-style parsing
  • Better parser error messages
    • Need show instance for Msg
  • do-notation


  • Separation of Char and Int types
  • Add more types to the standard prelude
  • Allow class constraint in class declaration like (class Functor f => Applicative f where ...)
  • Multi-parameter typeclasses
  • Dependent/linear types?
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