Firefox extension for Robot Framework/Selenium.
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FireRobot - in progress


I want to make this exstension working once again on newset firefox - old version was made by joao-carloto.

This is a fork for contest about programming - it will be my source code respository for rewriting to newest firefox engine. Help me - Star :)


FireRobot is a Firefox extension that allows you to create Robot Framework/Selenium tests, in a more efficient way. Check the demonstration videos on YouTube or keep reading:

FireRobotS is next level of integration RobotFramework and Selenium. It's bigger, more complex and i hope it's possible to finish :)

Keyword driven testing is in the far end of the spectrum from record and play tools, as far as test automation concerns. Although this tool has some features in common with record and play tools, it's interest lies in some specific features that will help you to create high level custom keywords, based on the Selenium2library:

  • Bulk selection of elements and creation of test steps in an adaptative way.
  • Filling and verification of forms based on their current state.
  • Easy preference definition for the page element locators.
  • Element localization thru automatically generated XPath, based on an element's own text or text of a nearby element.
  • Automatic creation of variables based on the value of inputs.

Please be patient HOW TO USE FIREROBOTS?

Bugs, new features, small improvements, all are welcome. They will be addressed when possible.