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Pimatic Intergas Incomfort plugin

Plugin to control an Intergas central heating boiler through Incomfort Lan2RF gateway


You can load the plugin by editing your config.json to include it:

   "plugin": "intergasincomfort"

Thermostats and temperature sensors can be defined by adding them to the devices section in the config file. For all configuration options see device-config-schema

Set the class attribute to IntergasIncomfortHeatingThermostat. For example:

  "id": "thermostat",
  "name": "Thermostat",
  "class": "IntergasIncomfortHeatingThermostat",
  "connection": {
    "host": "",
  "comfyTemp": 21,
  "ecoTemp": 17

For the temperature sensors add this config:

  "id": "roomTemperature",
  "name": "Current room temperature",
  "class": "IntergasIncomfortTemperatureSensor",
  "connection": {
    "host": "",