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NO LONGER MAINTAINED - If anyone wants to take over, please feel free to contact me.


An unofficial player stats API for the Blizzard game "Overwatch" - Targetting .NET Standard 2.0.

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What is it?

A simple web scraper that grabs player stats from a users profile and parses it to be used however you like. It's written entirely in C# using AngleSharp to parse the data from the page. The only limiting factor is the speed at which the PlayOverwatch profile can be loaded.

Current Features

  • Supports PC, Xbox 1 and Playstation 4 players.
  • Entirely async
  • Serializable - No complex data.
  • Platform detection
  • Identifies and gracefully handles private profiles - parsing as much data as is available.
  • Finding player aliases where a player plays on multiple platforms.

Planned Features

  • None at the moment - Any feature requests will be placed here, however new features do make themselves into the library from time to time.


  • AngleSharp - Used to parse the data from the PlayOverwatch page as no other data source is available from Blizzard.
  • Newtonsoft.Json - Used to parse XHR requests for player aliases.


using(var owClient = new OverwatchClient()) // Initialising without an "OverwatchConfig" will use the Default config.
  Player player = await owClient.GetPlayerAsync("SirDoombox#2603");
  var allHeroesHealingDone = player.CasualStats.GetStatExact("All Heroes", "Assists", "Healing Done");
  IEnumerable<Stat> allHealingDoneStats = player.CasualStats.FilterByName("Healing Done");
  foreach(var stat in player.CasualStats)
    string statHeroName = stat.HeroName
    string statName = stat.Name;
    string statCategoryName = stat.CategoryName;
    string statValue = stat.Value;

NOTE: If you plan on making many requests over the lifetime of your application, I recommend keeping an instance of OverwatchClient around and disposing of it explicitly later.


If you wish to contact me about contributing to the project, or have any questions / suggestions please feel free to come find me on the C# discord server. - @Doombox#0661

Please report any issues or bugs that you may find at your earliest convenience so I can get them fixed ASAP.


An unofficial player stats API targetting .NET Standard 2.0





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