an lpmud mudlib for the dgd driver
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Welcome to Sirdude's(aka Kent Mein) branch of the Gurbalib mudlib.
An lpmud mudlib for the DGD driver.

I played on various muds in my college years and am a UNIX Sys Admin.  
I've been playing lots of minecraft with my kids lately and want them
to get into UNIX and programming.  So I started tinkering with muds
again.  I downloaded DGD and went in pursuit of a mudlib.

If you are reading this you probably have had a similar quest and have
found that the stuff that is out there is old, sparse, not fully
functional and or some mixture of the above.

All the documentation I found stated if you want to get a mud running
quickly with DGD go with gurba at this point.  It's basically ready to

So I grabbed what I could and gave it a shot.  After a couple of
months of playing with things, I think I have a pretty good handle on
where things are at.  I don't like everything about the mudlib but
its a great start and something to move forward with.

My goals are to simplify things, make a consistent, well documented,
functional mudlib that anyone can use as a base for a mud.

If you're just getting started with this, take a look at the following
things in this order:
	the other documents in doc
	the documentation in lib/doc
	basically everything in lib since that is the important stuff.

Feel free to email me with comments/suggestions/questions:

				Kent Mein