Sireum: A High-Assurance Software Development Platform
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Sireum: A High-Assurance Software Development Platform

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Sireum Kekinian is the most recent evolution of the Sireum platform whose core components are being built using the Sireum Programming Language (Slang).

Slang is an OO/FP programming language with contract and proof languages designed for formal analyses; it serves as the basis for the next generation Logika verifier and proof checker, as well as for other formal method-based analysis techniques. It is currently a subset of Scala 2.x with different memory models enabled via Scala's macro and compiler plugin facilities, with support for IntelliJ.

With the exception of a small part of its runtime library and its parser that uses scalameta, the runtime library and the Slang codebase itself (and analyses on top of it) are written using Slang.

Slang programs run on the JVM (Java 8+), and in the browser or Node.js (via Scala.js Javascript translation).


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