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Revision history for String::MkPasswd
0.04 Fri Aug 17 17:45:59 PDT 2012
- Use Dist::Zilla <>
0.03 Sun Oct 17 22:27:20 PDT 2010
- Documentation fix for the --nospecial option in
- Removed MANIFEST.SKIP and RPM spec files.
- Added Build.PL, cleaned up Makefile.PL and README.
0.02 Wed Mar 17 08:17:10 PST 2004
- Applied changes from Adrian Gee <> allowing -minnum,
-minlower, -minupper and -minspecial to be zero in the call to
- Fixed so it actually works. It was passing the wrong key
names to mkpasswd(), so the defaults were always used.
- Added --no{num,lower,upper,special} options to as
alternatives to --min{num,lower,upper,special}=0.
0.01 Wed Nov 12 17:29:08 2003
- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
--compat-version=5.6.1 --omit-autoload --omit-XS --name=String::MkPasswd --use-new-tests
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