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These are my personal veewee templates. Feel free to use and or modify them.

This directory name contains the relevant information:

<distro>-<distro version>-<arch>-vbox-<guest version>

For example:


Will breakdown into the following information:

Distribution name   : Ubuntu
Release             : 10.04.3
Arch                : 64bit (x86_64)
Guest Edition       : 4.1.12

I build all my baseboxes with the following Vagrant/VeeWee versions:

vagrant (0.8.7, 0.6.9)
veewee (0.2.0)

I have tested my basesboxes with Vagrant up to version:

vagrant (1.0.2, 0.8.10)

Template enhancements

The templates are based on the default templates provided by VeeWee expect for the following enhancements.

Fix Vagrant + Ubuntu bug

This is a workaround for Vagrant issue 391. It disables the generation of the MOTD files and changes a few SSH settings. More information on the issue can be found here:

# Fix annoying SSH bug between Ubuntu and Vagrant
rm /etc/
touch /etc/
sed -i '/^/# /;/' /etc/pam.d/sshd
sed -i '/^/# /;/' /etc/pam.d/login
sed -i '/^/# /;/' /etc/pam.d/login
rm /etc/motd
touch /etc/motd
echo '' |tee -a /etc/motd.tail
chmod -x --recursive /etc/update-motd.d/
touch /home/vagrant/.hushlogin
touch /home/vagrant/.sudo_as_admin_successful
echo EDITMOTD=no |tee -a /etc/default/rcS
echo DELAYLOGIN=yes |tee -a /etc/default/rcS
sed -i -e 's/exit 0$/\/etc\/init.d\/networking restart\nexit 0/' /etc/rc.local

Add puppet group

Add the group puppet by default. This is related to Vagrant issue 874. More information can be found here:

This issue should be fixed in later versions of Vagrant/VeeWee.

# Add group puppet
addgroup puppet


For some reason I cannot get version detection working for Virtualbox. Thats why I ended up hardcoding this in the file. This should not be necessary but for now it does the job.


2 second delay to interface up

In order to prevent the Vagrant + Ubuntu ssh issues described above I add an 2 second to delay to the startup of the interface.

# Add a 2 sec delay to the interface up, to make the dhclient happy
echo "pre-up sleep 2" >> /etc/network/interfaces

Cleanup of postinstall script

The original templates did not remove the script from the basebox. More information can be found in VeeWee issue 184

# Clean up postinstall script
rm /home/vagrant/postinstall.s